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It all starts with good nutrition

The connection between our mental, physical and spiritual health is enormous. What we put in our bodies effects moods, personality, pain levels, depression and so much more. On this page I will share with you my personal journey, (which I am still on), healthy ideas, products for better health, recipes, etc. My goal is to see all of us walk out our lives in wholeness of spirit, mind and body. Everything we do starts in our minds and affects the rest of our being. Journey with me as we take responsibility for better health in every area of our lives.

Each day we have a chance to have a fresh start to healthy living. Getting rid of the "bad" foods we all eat during the holidays is the first step. Clean out those cupboards and replace the "not so good for you stuff" with fresh, whole food. Start today eating fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking at least 8 glasses of purified or spring water a day, getting rid of the chemicals (processed foods) in your diet, exercising at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, take sugar out of your daily habits, limit caffeine and most importantly start each day, before your feet hit the floor with our Lord. His Spirit is the one that will guide you and direct your day and give you the strength to eat what is best to fuel your body (His Temple). Remember, take diet out of your vocabulary. This isn't about dieting, it's about healthy living. What you put in your body WILL in fact affect your mind and your emotions... trust me! I look forward to this fresh start with you as we journey on to better health!

Your Partner in Health,


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