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Do You want to become a New You?

Do You Want to become a New You?


Do you want to become a New You? New in Spirit, in mind and in Body? Do you want to see your life change for the better? Do you want to live your life on purpose and live a life of passion? Well, that's why I am starting this blog! I want everyone to know about the Love God has for them and the life that Jesus died for them to have, an abundant life! ALL of us could have a life of love, peace, joy, health, prosperity and purpose! During our times together, I will be sharing exactly how to achieve these things, through His Word!


But first, let me tell you a little about myself...


I was brought up in a Christian home, going to church every Sunday, went to Catholic schools all 12 years, we said our prayers at meals and bedtime and we celebrated every Christian holiday but, not until November of 1989 did I truly understand the relationship I could have with God and that is what He actually wants! It's not about religion but about a personal relationship with the one who created you.


I remember being at a church service, that someone had invited me to, and I knew then, I wanted something different. I wanted to know this God that I worshipped. I wanted to truly know Him! And, as I learned about Him, I wanted to know more about Him. I couldn't get enough of Him and I knew someday I wanted to be more like Him!


My prayer as I write this blog over the next weeks, months or even years is that you come to know this God (Jesus) that I know! That your life will reflect that you follow Him and that your life will be forever changed like mine has been.


Has my life been perfect? Absolutely not! But, every obstacle I have encounter, every trial I have been through, every storm I have weathered was part of the puzzle that got me to the place I am today! I wouldn't trade any of it, good or bad, because I wouldn't be who I am today or where I am today if I hadn't gone through those things. I just chose to allow God to use those things to bring good to my life and Glory to His name.


This blog will be about Renewing Your Mind, learning together ALL that God has for us and changing from the inside out so we can live an authentic life. To live the life we were created to live, on purpose and with passion!




Until Next Time!

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