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Fall Forward!

WOW, I didn't realize how long it's been since I wrote a Blog Post. Time can slip through our fingers and before you know it ,days turn into weeks, weeks into months and in some cases, months into years.

With the season of Fall approaching us, I wanted to touch base and write a few words about how we Fall Forward to success in life. You know, life is filled with many setbacks. We make mistakes sometimes every day. These mistakes can be very small or they could be life changing. But either way, if you address them with a good attitude, they can move you forward into a direction that can change your life for the better. It is all in how you look at it. Some people get so caught up in their mistakes, that they sit and fret about it, paralyzing them to move on. I have to say from experience that this is too often true. I too have been there and for what? All it did and does and allow the enemy to stop you for moving forward onto the journey in which God has for you. If you allow God to use those mistakes, those costly decisions to your good, your life would be forever changed and it can work for the good of others.

When we allow our lives to be unfolded for all to see and watch, you just don't know who it is touching. When they see you, brush off your knees, when they see you wipe your tears, when they see you sit up a little taller, when they see you begin again, and when they see you most importantly reach up to the Lord, it allows them to think and even say to themselves... "I Can Too"!

Think about life as a journey with many roads, mountains tops, valleys, thunderstorms and sunshine! We will have good days and bad. Some days we will take a road that leads us to the next step God wanted us on but the next day, week or even month could go by and you take another road and it ends you up in a dark valley wondering how did I get here or how the heck am I getting out of this. Reaching up to God and asking Him to get you back on the right road is the first step. Next, being obedient to what He says will begin to open your heart to new things, things you didn't even think about before. This obedience will eventually land you on a Mountain Top full of excitement and joy. Life is full of storms, bumpy roads and if we stay focused and obedient, it can give us some true sunshine too! As this all unfolds, others who don't know our Lord will be watching how you handle it all. And when we handle it with grace, they will want what we have... Him! You see, life is a roll coaster for all of us. We all have challenges in life. It's not that any of us are without them. What sets individuals apart is how we handle it.

So next time you think you are on the wrong course, ask the Lord. Allow Him to take these bad roads or valley you are in and lead you out of them onto a mountain top so that friends, family and acquaintances can see that all is possible when you trust in Him. All is possible when you allow Him to speak to you, guide you and teach you. And remember, your life is  teaching others what is possible. So next time you fail, think to yourself, "it's OK", "I'm OK" and fail forward to bigger and better. The most precious of gifts is sometimes those we receive from the failing places in our lives.

Have fun on this journey in life. Learn to Fail Forward. And, allow your life to be a message of hope to others.

Until Next Time,


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