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Falling Forward

With the season of fall upon us, it makes me think of what this season is all about. Leaves are turning the most beautiful of colors like orange, yellow and red. They are stunning and at times even breathtaking. And the beauty in this is that you begin to realize that it is when the tree is closes to death that it is the most beautiful. Leaves fall down, they swirl in the wind, we gather them up and put in trash bags and yet others somehow magically disappear. I love fall! It is one of my two favorite seasons.

There is a lesson to learn in this season called fall. You and I fall down, we get tossed to and fro like the leaves do, but with us, it is in the falling down that we can get back up! We can get back up and try again, to do "it" right. And, in doing this time and time again, season after season in our lives, we too should become more beautiful the older we get and the closer to death we are. Shouldn't we be the most beautiful right before we me our Lord? Shouldn't we, as people, continue to grow after every failure. I hate saying the word failure because I don't believe there really are any. If you choose to get up and back on your feet, learn from what you've been through, then the next season will be even more beautiful than the last. God can work through the mess and turn it into a message that not only transforms our life but the lives of others. We need to quit allowing our "falling downs" to be an end all, we need to stop letting it stop us dead in our tracks, and get up and continue on to doing the very things we need to do in this life!

God has a purpose and plan for your life. Each day and every season we go through is a new beginning at yet another chance to start again. It is amazing to me that we can get back up every time we fall down and start anew. When others see us fall, they are actually watching to see if we get back up. They are watching because if we do, we are giving them permission to get back up also. It gives others hope for a better tomorrow. So what if we make mistakes, so what if we fall down, so what if we blew this moment because we have an opportunity to jump back up on our feet and forge ahead learning from the experience and be more beautiful than ever before.

I want to close with Psalm 37:23-24... The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the LORD holds them by the hand.

Until next time,


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