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Well, it's been quite some time since I have written a post for my blog.  The time that has passed has been filled with many trials but now it is time to jump back in and give you what God is giving to me.

Here we are in 2023!  I don't know about you but it just seems like time has flown by these past few years. It was like 2020 yesterday!  I was thinking a lot about this year and what I wanted it to look like and the changes I wanted to make and  I know I heard in my spirit "Purposefully".   I believe God settled it right there. I heard Him say, in every thing you do, do with purposeful intention.  So that's what this year is for me.  It's about purposeful living.  To allow every action, thought or plan to be made purposefully.  That each step I make is first thought through, prayed about and planned according to how He would have me to step forward. That in my personal life, my business life and even in my ministry, that I should do all things with purposeful intentions.  Life is fleeding and I knew I wanted and needed to live my life, enjoy my life and be purposeful in becoming all that God created me to be.  I need to purposefully love others, I need to purposefully forgive hurts, I need to purposefully give to those in need, I need to purposefully work with the passions He instilled in me, I need to purposefully create healthy space and boundaries, I need to purposefully reach the lost.  Oh my goodness, I could go on and on!  

I want to invite you to join me on this journey in 2023 to LIVE ON PURPOSE!  To be ALL God created you to be.  Step out in faith, ask Him the hard questions and allow His Spirit to guide yours in the daily steps you make.  Make each one with purposeful intention and watch how your life and the lives other others will be impacted, stretched and changed for the better.

Until Next Time,


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