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The Time is Now!

On the 31st of December, God gave me a prophetic word. THE TIME IS NOW! I kept hearing it in my spirit and thought OK God, you’re right! It’s Time! It’s time for your children to rise up and take their place. It’s time for us to know who we are in you. It’s time for us to quit getting caught up in the enemy’s trap. It’s time to stay focused. It’s time to remember where we came from and remember where you are taking us. IT’S TIME! 


As I was thinking about what the Lord said, I remember watching a movie during the holiday season called Freedom. The movie was based on true facts about the slaves. The story saddened me so much because of the way people were treated but I also got a chance to see that there were truly good people back then that would secretly help these individuals escape from the slavery they were in and help lead them on their way to a new life where they could be free. As I was watching this movie the Lord spoke to me, (I believe this was the first part of the prophetic word), I love when He talks to me through things. Anyway, what I heard Him say was this, “These people did not have a choice in their slavery at that time but fought diligently for their freedom. Today, you live in a free world, I have given my children the liberty to walk in spiritual freedom and yet most walk in slavery every day”. Wow, I thought. This is so true! So many of us, including myself, walk in the bondage of slavery when we have the power not to. This slavery comes in so many packages. It comes as an addiction (drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, pornography, etc.), as unforgiveness, as debt, as jealousy, as depression, as a bad relationship, as sin, as not doing what He has called us to do and so on. I kept thinking, “Lord, forgive us”. You have given us Freedom to walk in yet we allow ourselves to be held captive by the lies of the enemy. You died so we could freely walk in the power, Jesus’ power, to overcome all that tries to entangle us and here we are buying into the lie that we are trapped, stuck or prisoners in our own skin!

This was an eye opener to me and I pray for you as well. You see, there are millions of people around the world that have been forced into slavery and would do just about anything to have their freedom and here we walk in total freedom yet are in bondage (slavery) to something. What is the purpose of this slavery that the enemy wants to keep us in? It’s to keep you and me from living a life, a purposeful life, a God ordained life that our Lord has for you and for me! So, on New Year’s Eve when I heard Him speak so clearly THE TIME IS NOW! I knew. I knew that He wants His people to wake up, to rise up and break free from ALL that is NOT from Him and Walk in the VICTORY and FREEDOM He so freely gives to us.

I think it is time to take the reins back, to walk in the strength the Lord has given us, to walk in the power of His might, to stand firm against the enemy and fight to remain in the Freedom that God had given us! What is it that you want in your life? What is it that you know the Lord has called you too? What has you bound? An addiction? Depression? Unforgivness? Choose today to have 2017 a year of walking in freedom and to walk on purpose.

Happy New Year everyone! I pray that 2017 is a year that you take your rightful place in the kingdom and BE ALL YOU WERE CREATED TO BE!


Until Next Time,


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