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What About Our Hearts

     I know this month is almost over but with this being February, I wanted to talk to you about the heart. We all know, or we should know, that God unconditionally loves us. Some find this hard to believe that God could love them with everything they have done. But, it's true. He has a love for you that is deeper than anyone could ever love you. He has such a deep love for you that He placed His son upon a cross to take on my and your punsihment of sin and to have the life He always intened us to have... Shalom Peace!

     I think the question for all of us should be how much do we really love God, not how much He loves us! Are we truly dedicated to Him? Matthew 22:37 says " Jesus replied: "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." Do we? Do we give all of our hearts to the Lord? Do we love Him with all of our soul (our emotions)? How about our minds? Everything that we are should be wholly devoted to Him. All that is within us, every emotion we deal with, everything we do or say and every thought that crosses our minds should be given over to Him. Are we? Wholly devoted to Him, that is? Does what He thinks or says about any situation more important to us than what the world says? Are we more focused on what we want, rather than what He requires from us? Hummm, something to think about. We were not put on this planet to do whatever we please. We were placed here to serve God and because we serve Him, we get ALL the benefits of being His child; a life of Shalom Peace... nothing missing or broken in our lives.

     Sadly, we live in a world where hearts have been callused to the things of God. Evil has taken reign in the hearts of men and most are too blind or undiscerning to see it.

     My best advice to you, the reader, is this... do not allow your hearts to be hardened to the things of God. Whatever is going on in this world; laws, rights, lawlessness, etc. Don't be fooled into thinking that people have any others "rights" other than those that line up according to the written and spoken WORD of God! That's it!

     God speaks to us in this still small voice, wanting our attention from the things of this world so He can implant in us the purposeful life He created for us to have. 

Until Next Time,



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