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Which Direction Is Right?!?

I love how God will teach us something through the littlest of things. I’m going to share with you what happened to me on my way to a Women’s Conference I attended last weekend.

A friend of mine invited me to a Women’s Conference and we decided not only to room together but to follow each other to the conference site of Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. We drove separately due to the fact that she was not heading home after the conference but had another place to be the following day. The day before leaving on our trip, I tried putting the address in my Garmin so I would have everything set up and wouldn’t feel so rushed in the morning. For some reason, the address I put in for Seven Springs would not come up. It being an older model, I didn’t find that odd so I just decided to print directions from my computer from MapQuest.

The next morning, as my friend met me at my home, I told her the situation but told her that something in my spirit told me to try the Garmin again, so I did. Believe it or not, for some odd reason, it worked this time. My friend decided to follow me since I was the one with the directions. It was a beautiful, cool, yet sunny morning as we started out on our drive. As we were driving up the highway, the trees were looking radiant and full of color as the sun hit their leaves. About an hour into the drive, I noticed that the Garmin was taking me in a direction that I wasn’t familiar with. I had been to Seven Springs many times but it had been about 15 years since my last visit there. All I knew is that it didn’t seem like it was the way I had always gone before. I looked down at the paper that I had printed and sure enough the Garmin was taking me on a different path. I called my friend and told her what was happening, that we were going in a direction that I wasn’t familiar with but we would just have to trust where the Garmin was taking us. As we are driving, the drive was pleasant, roads were good, some even under construction, the trees were getting lovelier the closer we were getting to the mountains and I also notice we weren’t hitting any toll roads. This new way that we were going went through small towns and the roads were up and down and all around, which kind of made me laugh because the way I was use to going was kind of straight and simple! And, this new way that the Garmin was talking us took a little longer to get there but we had no tolls to pay.

As I continued to drive, God spoke to me. It is just like Him to teach me something in even the smallest of things. He shared with me that this was a perfect example of life. God has a path for us but sometimes we get turned around or off course or go in a different direction OR we think we are headed one way when actually the Lord wants us going in a totally different way. Either way, when we follow what He tells us or shows us, we will end in the same spot we were meant to be! All if we to do is trust His guidance and allow ourselves to be guided by His spirit. Even when we head out in a different direction than He wanted for us, if we stay focused on Him, the end result will be the same! Actually, it ends up better because we were blessed but its beauty. This new way can cause us to see or meet someone new, maybe save money and who knows, maybe He would have been even protecting us from something, (just like He was doing for us). I don’t know, but I know this brought a smile to my face and peace to my heart. I thanked Him for showing me this! Life is full of ups and downs, it can toss us side to side and we can even feel like we are way off course, BUT, we are actually at the place we are meant to be, to learn what we needed to learn. By the time we get to the destination He has for us, we will be better than we would have ever been. Each turn, each time off course, each time going up a steep mountain, each time going down into the valley or each time we question, “is this the right way?”. Know that God will put you back where you need to be, to get you to the destination He needs you to arrive at!

So, next time you think you are off course, your the direction you are going doesn't feel "familiar" or you think you are going in the wrong direction, just ask God to show you and guide you and He will get you where you need to be… in His timing!

Until Next Time,


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