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I met Kim at one of her book signings. Since that time, she has inspired me through her wonderful book, Women of Strength meetings, and as a life coach; as well as a true friend. After reading her book, I keep it close by as a great mood lifter, motivation or a reference as a "what would Kim say about..." It is a truly wonderful read; a real must have. Kim is such a wonderful person and has a great personality. It is hard to see her welcoming smile and hear her kind words without catching her contagious positive energy. She really is a true blessing in my life. - Amy

Very authentic words from an inspiring author. I personally know her and her life matches her words. Love that she is in my life and now inspiring others. - Erica

For me, there are 3 things, I believe we need to have with God. Know Him, Praise Him, FEEL HIM! To know Him, I have the bible. To praise Him, I have the Church. To learn how to Feel Him, I have your book. It is truly a miracle book for me. It was given to me shortly after a life threatening experience. It taught me how to be strong because He is in my life every day guiding and supporting me. What a beautiful gift. - Peggy S.

Kim is an inspiration to me. I love sitting in her classes when she shares the truths that God is revealing to her, and I really love talking about the bible and our faith together. Her words are always grounded in truth and I love her desire to be pleasing to God in all that she does. I am so proud of her for following her calling in writing a book and having it published. I am thankful that she is part of my life and appreciate her friendship.

- Gayle

I believe this book is timeless. You can pick it up time and time again. It's a book you can refer to on a daily basis, hence, Every Day with God. A must read! - Phil

I just got done reading Kim's book. I had a hard time putting it down, her words jumped off the page and spoke to me. Recommending this book for all to read. - Izzy

Kim is a life coach for everyone. She has your best interests always and hears every word. Your concerns are her concerns. She explores every issue, past and present, with a heightened sense of spirituality, mindfulness, and experience. Kim brings a side of counseling that many counselors lack insight into the issues that bring to her. It takes only one meeting to feel like you can tell her anything that troubles you, and she remembers every detail about you to use in her wisdom. I definitely recommend Kim very much. - Jeff N

Kimi is such an inspiration. I met with her while going through some difficult times and her patience, understanding, compassion, wisdom, and guidance were exceptional. She truly cares about teaching people God's word and to use her knowledge to help others. I can't thank her enough for coaching me through a rough time and looking forward to meeting with her again. No matter what your situation big or small I highly recommend Kimi. - Ann

This was an inspiring read. Looking forward to the authors next book. I felt uplifted while reading this book and moved beyond belief. It is a must read! - Joe K.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I couldn't put it down. I truly recommend this book for everyone. I also have grown so much in my walk with the Lord since attending her bible study. A wonderful atmosphere for us ladies to learn. - Mary E.

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